DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor Review

DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor Review

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Quick Overview






  • Lightweight (30 pounds)
  • Seals well to prevent leakage
  • Fills quite quickly
  • Built with high-quality components


  • Output pressure drops quickly
  • Poor pressure regulation
  • Handle loosens quickly

If you’re someone who’s constantly doing projects around the house, you’ve surely heard of air compressors. They not only help to make tasks easier but far more efficient.

With the amount of driving force that compressed air has to offer, it’s well worth your time to consider investing in one. The DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor is a highly rated compressor with plenty of user-friendly features that you’ll appreciate.


DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor

Plenty of people believe that air compressors are large and bulky items that aren’t recommended for at-home use. However, the DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor will change your perspective.

It features an incredibly sleek design that is easily portable and can be stored in confined spaces. Additionally, you’ll appreciate how small the body is when it comes time to carry it from one location to another.

The second thing this air compressor was designed to do is to give you far more power when working with power tools. Instead of relying on your own power, you can harness the power of compressed air. Driving nails into wood or even spraying paint will become less time consuming and easier on your body.

Who Is This Air Compressor Meant For?

Every person in your home, apart from children, will be able to benefit from having the DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor. It’s the type of tool that is highly adaptable to a variety of purposes. Not to mention it would also be the perfect addition to a workshop or automotive shop.

As it’s so highly versatile, there are plenty of tasks that you’ll want an air compressor for. You can use it to your advantage when changing crown molding, installing a fence in your backyard, or even cleaning out the inside of your car. The accessories that are included with the air compressor itself also help to add to its versatility.

What’s Included?

When you order the DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor, you’ll get all of the basic components needed to use the compressor with your tools. These accessories include protective rubber leg covers, a console cover, two universal couplers, a power cord, and an air hose.

Overview of Features

The things you’d expect from this tool include:

  • 165PSI maximum: Along with the six-gallon tank, you’ll have a 165PSI maximum driving force for plenty of power tools.
  • High-efficiency motor: If you’ve ever owned a lesser quality air compressor, you know how difficult they are to use in cold weather. The high-efficiency motor included in this unit makes it far easier to start in the cold. Additionally, it works quite well with an extension cord, though it’s important to read the user manual for extension cord restrictions.
  • Quieter work environment: The DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor is quite quiet when it’s in use, which maintains a more comfortable workplace. With a maximum of 75.5 decibels of noise, you’ll likely be able to avoid having to wear ear protection.
  • High-flow regulator: The built-in regulator is incredibly easy to use with a wide variety of tools. You can adjust the air pressure easily to maximize the performance of your air tools.
  • Reliable power supply: The DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor connects to 120V outlets and delivers 10 amps worth of power at 60Hz.
  • Included cord wrap: When you’re done using the air compressor, you can store the power cord in the cord wrap. This helps to make it easier to store.
  • Two universal couplers: If two people require the use of the air compressor, you’ll appreciate the dual universal couplers. You can easily connect two tools at the same time.
  • Oil-free pump: To limit the maintenance required for the air compressor, it features an oil-free pump. This also helps to prolong the lifespan of the unit.

How to Use It

The DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor is clearly designed with the everyday user in mind. With that said, it’s incredibly easy to get the hang of it, and it comes with comprehensive instructions.

You’ll want to make sure you keep the air compressor in a well-ventilated area that is dry and at least 12” away from the wall. Additionally, before setting the unit up, make sure that the power switch is off. Plug the power cord into a circuit receptacle and then turn the regulator knob so that the pressure is at zero.

You can then attach the air hose and any accessories you want to use. Once everything is connected, you can switch on the power and give the tank a few minutes to reach maximum pressure. The motor will automatically shut off when the pressure is high enough.

Using the regulator knob, turn it clockwise until you reach the desired level of air pressure for the tools you are using. You can then begin your project and once finished, ensure you drain the tank and store the compressor in a dry area.


Compared to the DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor, we recommend the PORTER-CABLE C2002 Compressor. It’s less expensive and performs relatively the same way.

Compared to the DEWALT, the PORTER-CABLE only offers 150PSI at the most, but it’s slightly smaller and easier to transport. Both models have six-gallon tanks and oil-free pumps as well as high-efficiency motors.


The world of tools is ever-changing, and it’s time to consider investing in a portable air compressor. The DEWALT 165PSI Pancake Air Compressor is a well-built and high-quality model to opt for.

With plenty of great features including a high-efficiency motor, a large tank, and an easy-to-use regulator, you’ll have everything you need. From cleaning your car to installing your own fence, there are plenty of applications where it will be put to good use.


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