What are Air Compressors Used For

What are Air Compressors Used For?

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Besides filling up tires or using a paint gun, you might be wondering what air compressors are used for. What air compressors are used for, besides their tasks is what we are here to discuss today.

At-home Use

You might think that an air compressor is not something that you would ever need around the home, that is until you finally realize that they can be quite useful for many home applications. So what would you use an air compressor for around the home?

Inflating Objects

A small air compressor is a good tool for quickly inflating car tires, bike tires, balls, swimming accessories, and other such things.


Air compressors can be used for cleaning, especially outdoors. For instance, the crevices between bricks in your driveway are a big-time candidate for being cleaned using compressed air.

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Have you ever had to paint the whole exterior of your home with nothing more than a roller, some brushes, and a ladder? If you have done this, you will probably realize how an air compressor can make the job easier. An air compressor makes quick work out of large-scale painting jobs.

Pneumatic Tools

If you are a DIY kind of person, you might have your own nail gun or other such pneumatic tools. Simply put, without an air compressor, you cannot use these tools at all.

Air Compressors for Business Use

You might not have too many uses for an air compressor around the home, but what about for business use? There are many and varied businesses out there that often use air compressors.

Auto Body and Repair Shops

One of the main places of business that you will find an air compressor is in an auto body shop. Air compressors are needed for things like pneumatic ratchets and various other tools used in auto detailing and repair. Auto shops also use them to clean and paint cars, and to fill tires with air.

Painting Companies

When it comes to large-scale painting companies, you better believe that they use air compressors to speed up the process. Painting companies can save a lot of time and money by using paint guns instead of basic rollers and brushes.

Construction and Roofing

Another main industry or type of business which puts the air compressor to good use is construction and roofing. If you think about it, you only see roofers using nail guns. If they were to use a good old hammer, their jobs would take so much longer to complete. Air compressors are also used for various other pneumatic tools in construction, and are also used to clean machinery of sand and dirt.

Dental Services

Do you know that little air jet that dentists use to blast away grime and grit from between your teeth? Well, that wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the air compressor.

Air Compressors and Industrial Uses

So, now you know what air compressors are used for around the home and for regular business, but what about for industrial purposes?

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Agriculture and Farming

When it comes to farming, air compressors are used for activities such as powering conveyors to move animal feed and grains, to spray crops with water and/or pesticides, for greenhouse ventilation systems, for powering dairy machines, and for operating pneumatic material-handling equipment.


There are many uses for air compressors in the world of manufacturing. These include powering air tools on production lines, ejecting pieces from molds, for cutting and welding equipment, for blowing molded tanks and bottles, for adjusting rollers and machinery, driving screws and turning nuts efficiently, for operating automated machinery, and much more.

Dry Cleaning

Did you know that dry cleaners use air compressors to power cleaning guns that apply cleaning chemicals to clothing, to operate laundry presses, and steam cleaners too?


Air compressors are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to perform tasks such as spraying coatings on pharmaceuticals, bottling and packaging, maintaining pressure in mixing and holding tanks, and for moving conveyor belts too.

The Food Industry

Compressed air is even used in the food industry to perform tasks such as cooling and freezing foods, to package and palate products, to power filling equipment for beverage bottles, and for closing and checking devices and food containers.


Yes, these are more uses for air compressors, but we have listed just the most important and common ones.

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